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Camera & Video Pipe Inspections – Residential & Commercial

You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, so is a video of your home’s piping! When it comes to the pipes and plumbing in your home or business, getting the right diagnosis is crucial for effectively fixing the problem. The best way to this is by using we here at Hemley’s call, “push camera’s. Push camera’s are exactly what they sound like- camera’s we use to push through your piping to locate clogs, sludge, or even tree roots that could be causing plumbing problems in the home.

Signs Your Plumbing needs a Camera Video Inspection

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Water drains slowly
  2. Water Leaks in the home (which can cause thousands of dollars in water damage restoration costs)
  3. Knocking sounds while running water
  4. Low water pressure
  5. Colored water
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Slow as a Snail

We’ve all had times our water drains slowly, and we usually use at home remedies, which typically consist of a “hope for the best” mentality. We assume there’s some sort of clog, pour some chemicals down the drain and hope for the best. While there’s nothing wrong with this once in a while, if you notice the drain always becomes slow again then it’s incredibly important to have professionals come in with push camera technology to properly diagnose the problem. Hair, dead skin, grease, oil, and even tree roots can cause a lot of damage to your pipes- getting a good look at these issues with our camera video inspections and completely removing them from the pipes is the only sure way to fix the problem.

Drip Drip

There can be a lot of reasons your pipes are leaking or dripping constantly. And where’s the leaking, there’s likely something wrong from the inside out. Very rarely does a pipe begin to leak without something happening on the inside that causes the pipes to rust, snap, or crack. And where there’s leaking water, there’s the potential for serious water damage. This is why we always recommend putting our push camera’s to inspect the pipes- we don’t just want to cover up the problem, we want to diagnose it and completely fix it. This is just another reason residents of Port Orchard, Tacoma, North Kitsap etc have trusted Hemley’s for decades!

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Knock Knock, who’s there?

If your Gig Harbor homes pipes start knocking, it’s time to get a video inspection. This can be caused by extra high water pressure, “water hammer” (pressurization of the pipes) and many other causes. While we can test a lot of these things without video inspection, it’s good to take a look at the plumbing from the inside to look for damage caused, shifted pipes, and cracks. Our video inspection equipment is almost 300 feet long, so we can really get in there and look.


Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is always a sign of something askew. We recently had a Bremerton homeowner call us after almost two years of low water pressure. After a quick camera video inspection, we saw a clog that had been slowly getting bigger and bigger- had they waited any longer the would have had a complete blockage and back up, which could have caused even more damage and cost. We used our high powered jetting system to get that clog out and then used the video camera to make sure we fully removed all the debris and material causing the clog. We’re happy to report this Bremerton family is enjoying a lot more water for their daily showers!

Colored Water

Living in the Northwest we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to clean, clear water. That’s why any sign of discolored water should be cause for alarm. White cloudy water usually means there is air in your pipes- which of course signifies that there’s a place for that air to get in. Brown or red colored water is a sign of rust. We have some clients that live in Seabeck and they were in the process of purchasing a home. When they ran the water they noticed it was a medium dark brown color- we they called us in to inspect the plumbing- and what did we find? We found that this old home had you guessed it, old pipes that had just seen their day so there was a lot of rust all over the pipes- to the point that some of the piping was near dust like. If you notice any discolored water, give us a call to come to inspect- we don’t want you waiting!

Here at Hemley’s we love taking care of the veins of your home! We want you to have a functioning and healthy place to live for a long time and our video camera inspection equipment makes all that possible. If you’re worried about your plumbing or septic system, don’t hesitate to call us so we can get that camera in there and see what’s going on. We’ve been the area’s top Septic Tank service for many years!

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